More than <span>9.5k members</span> are connected with us

More than 9.5k members are connected with us

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Outstanding life about for through yoga

A powerful, beneficial and authentic Yoga Session includes Pranayams (breathing exercises) to detoxicate internal system, regenerate positive energy, balance chemicals, cholesterol levels, sugar level

Free lessons

join us every weekly weekends from the comfort of your home via zoom online and start connecting your Mind, Body, and Spirit. See and feel changes in your system.

Live Virtual online sessions

join from the comfort of your home and maintain well health

Authentic Breathing Exercises

Boost your immune system, Detox your body, Increase blood and oxygen circulation, vibe the positivity, Gain benefits on the internal system, Reduce your health issues, and Practice living best life!

Yogic Sukshma Vyayam

Increase flexibility, strengthen bones, Gain stamina, Build confidence, Release Stress, Experience Relaxation

Yog Shaakti Special Events and Workshops

Take advantage of fully fun events; Gain proper knowledge and understanding on specific field, take advantage of extraordinary skills offered, get well trained and informations from marvelous certified professional Trained couches

Mindful Meditation Practice

Release Stress and Increase relaxations

Enhanced Eye Exercises

Make a difference in your vision, increase clear eye sight, and minimize your eye weakness

Anti-Aging Face Yoga

Revitalize and Rejuvenate skin, minimize acne and pimples, hydrate more blood flow and increase glowing skin, experience Anti-Agent techniques, minimize Wrinkles


Experience Positivity of a Powerful, Beneficial, Authentic, and Energetic VIRTUAL YOGA from a comfort of Your Home!



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My Commitment towards Powerful, Authentic, and Energetic Yog Shaakti Experience make me live well healthy Life!

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+1(301) 233-5001